Animal Normalization Therapy

Animal normalization therapy, or osteopathy, is an approach to healing that relies on direct or indirect hands-on techniques. Taking this non-pharmaceutical approach helps animals strengthen their body’s natural defense mechanisms and shorten their healing time.

The practice emerged in the early nineteenth century. Both humans and animals rely on animal normalization therapy as a stand-alone treatment or part of other therapies meant to provide pain relief help mend issues related to trauma, chronic disease, or other conditions.

How Does Animal Normalization Therapy Help?

Many owners turn to animal normalization therapy as an option for their pets if they feel hands-on treatments might prove too traumatic. Sticking to a regular regime of treatment helps resolve problems one layer at a time without causing pain to animals. The therapy targets the fascia that surrounds various components in an animal’s body, including:

  • Nerves
  • Blood vessels
  • Muscles
  • Organs

Direct and Indirect Animal Normalization Therapy

The direct animal normalization therapy technique is more chiropractic, with the practitioner pushing through the barrier restricting the animal’s movements. Indirect methods of animal normalization therapy focus on setting affected body tissues up to where they work through any restrictions without additional help.

Indirect animal normalization therapy shows a lot of promise for in helping pets dealing with neck, back, and shoulder issues. It’s also being viewed as something that can be very beneficial to older animals, along with service and agility dogs.

Learn More About Animal Normalization Therapy

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